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The village is a ideal starting point of many trails and mountain paths. Close to the village there is a perfect picnic area in a peacful green environment. But most importantly from Hercegkút you can organise daytrips to the surrounding historical sites, ruins, castles, mansions or you can explore the wilderness of the Zemplén Hills and the more than 100 different species of mushrooms. Especially in summer you can participate in the cultural, religious or sport events and festivals. This area offers all year activities to all ages. One of the most famouse music festival of Sárospatak is the Zemplén Festival in August. In the Autumn it can be an unforgetable experience to join to one of the traditional grape pickers. If you are interested in the winter sports you will find plenty to do around here be it the Zemplén Adventure Park with the longest ski track of the country or skating on the frozen river Bodrog. You can welcome the new year and the weaking nature in spring by taking the Saint Elisabeth pilgrimige route.

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